Tight Hips? Try This!


If your hips feel stiff and tight, this stretch is perfect to loosen you up!

Good hip flexibility allows runners to open their stride (run faster), and avoid imbalance and compensation (prevent injury).

As a Physical Therapist, I typically see the loss of hip flexibility into extension — or going backward. You can blame the repetitive nature of running, increased sitting at work, or plain genetics — but no matter the reason, it needs to get fixed.

How do you know if you struggle with hip tightness?

Most often, runners struggle to open their stride — particularly when they first get started. It also can cause a host of knee and low back issues that result in stiffness, pain, and soreness.

The runner-specific hip stretch below is one of my favorites. It’s used often inside our RunSmart Yoga program. Give it a try before or after your next run and feel the difference looser hips can make!