How to Run Injury-Free in 2022


Runners who “just run” and struggle with injury are in for more of the same in 2022.


Running all the time builds imbalances in muscle groups that will wear down the body eventually.

Watch this video to learn more:

Injured runners often come into my physical therapy practice, and they can’t understand how they got injured. When I ask them about strength training, their response is always the same.

“I don’t like strength training. I would rather just run.”

The problem is that when you just run all the time, it’s extremely difficult to stay injury-free.

Your muscles will be too weak to support your running, and imbalances will develop.

The only way to break free from imbalances and set your body up for injury-free running is strength training.

How Do Imbalances Develop?

If you do any activity repeatedly, like throwing a ball, for example, certain muscle groups will be used more than others. Anytime you repeat a motion regularly, you will develop imbalances.

With running, you’re repeating the same motion with every stride. This will naturally create imbalances – most notably in your glutes, thighs, and ankles.

Fix Your Imbalances

One of the best ways to combat & fix imbalances is with targeted strength training.

There are three main problem areas for runners: glutes, core, and balance.

Weakness & imbalances in these areas are the most common reasons runners get injured and miss valuable time running.

By adding a runner-specific strength routine to your training, you can prevent most injuries.

Take-Home Message

Don’t be a runner who just runs. It’s not a sustainable strategy to prevent injury.

Whether you’re looking to train for a race or just get through the year injury-free, strength training needs to be part of your routine.

This is the perfect time to get stronger and set yourself up for a great 2022.

Make the commitment to regular strength training so you can run without injury all year!

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