How to Avoid Injury While Training


You’re on the home stretch of your training plan.  What are you most focused on?

A group of polled runners mentioned an increased attention to sleep, nutrition, and their training.

All great answers, but something big is missing.

What is it?  Strength training.

If you’re like most runners, you’ll choose running over strength nearly every time.  As a Physical Therapist, I find that lack of strength is the most common reasons runners get injured.

Watch this to learn more:


Runner-specific strength is key to any training program.

The exercises look and feel like running, firing chains of muscles that mimic the running motion.

Don’t worry…your strength program doesn’t need to be extensive.

Continue your normal training and sneak in at least one 30-minute workout a week.

Not sure where to start?

Try this free strength workout for runners! It’s less than 30 minutes and will help fix any nagging issues – and prevent new ones!

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