Build Your Strength Reserves for Running Success in 2022


If you think your training starts in February, think again.

Many runners don’t realize that the best time to prepare for next season is now.

If you want to run injury-free in 2022, there’s one thing you should start doing right away.

Build your strength reserves.

Importance of Strength Reserves

Once you begin a training plan, you will likely do more running than strength training. As your mileage goes up, your strength will come down.

Eventually, your strength won’t be able to support your running, and that’s when injury happens.

When runners begin their season with strength reserves, they pull from these reserves throughout their training – particularly early on when mileage (km) builds towards its peak.

Here’s an added benefit:
As your distance and weekly volumes climb, you’ll be able to pull from these reserves more.  The strength reserves can help “hold the ship” (aka your body) together for longer.

Try This Exercise for Strength Building

There’s one exercise I love for building strength: the speedskater.

Here’s what it looks like and how to perform it correctly:

Start by balancing on your left foot. Once you feel balanced, tip your chest forward, hinging from the hip.

Reach forward with your right arm and back with your right leg. Touch the ground with your toe. Then pull yourself back up to a balance on the left leg.

The speedskater will really target the glutes and keep you feeling strong on your runs.

Key Takeaway

Building your strength reserves now is critical if you want to run injury-free in 2022.

Although the speedskater is a great way to get started, you will need more exercises to build up your strength reserves.

That’s where RunSmart comes in!

Our runner-specific strength exercises are designed to prevent injury and keep you running your best all year.

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