Best Quad Stretch to Run Faster


If you have tight quads or hips, you need to read this.

Here’s why:
Tight quads and hips will slow you down BIG TIME.

When you push off, you need good flexibility to open your stride. I’m not talking about overstriding, but you need two things to happen to unlock more speed:

  1. The front leg needs the ability to lengthen
  2. The back legs need the ability to extend and bend.

Tight quads and hips function like rubber bands to kill speed. When you try to run faster, the rubber bands will pull back and slow you down.

So what’s the fix?

Keeping your quads and hips loose with stretches like this one!

I use this stretch with runners every day as a Physical Therapist. It’s terrific for anyone who wants to run faster with less effort 😊

Stretching Tips: Avoid sitting back on your foot and arching your back. Lower yourself down until you feel a stretch in your quad.

Try 10 reps, holding each side for about 10 seconds.

Key Takeaway

If you want to run faster and set a PR in the fall, you need to stretch your quads and hips.

It will help unlock speed you already earned during training. And who doesn’t want an easy way to run faster?

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