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Integrate RunSmart’s expertly designed supplementary programs into your existing training routine to unlock your full potential. Our strength, yoga, mobility, and nutrition programs are created by physical therapists to ensure you stay in top form—both on and off the track.

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Reach New Levels with Expert-Designed Programs

Enhance every aspect of your training with programs that fit seamlessly into your routine. Build strength, increase flexibility, improve nutrition, or refine your running form, all from the RunSmart platform.

Strength Training

Build power and endurance with workouts that complement your running regimen.

Yoga & Mobility

Increase flexibility and reduce injury risks with targeted stretches and movements.

Nutrition & Hydration

Fuel your runs and recover faster with personalized meal plans tailored to your needs.

Running Form

Refine your technique and improve efficiency through expert-led form correction.


Trust in Professional Expertise

At RunSmart, professionals meticulously crafted each program to ensure you receive the highest quality training.  This expert oversight guarantees that you meet and exceed your personal health and performance goals.

Physical Therapist Expertise

Strength and yoga sessions are crafted to improve your power, flexibility, and injury resilience, all guided by Physical Therapists love running as much as you.

Dietitian-Led Nutrition

Elevate your energy levels and recovery with nutrition strategies designed by a Sports Certified Dietitian, tailored to support the unique needs of runners.

Holistic Integration

Seamlessly incorporate these expert-designed programs into your training regimen for a well-rounded approach to fitness and health.

Beth Mical

Shout it from the rooftops:RSO-BaseSix and Yoga=Ah-Mazing!!! I ran the Tobacco Road Half in Cary, NC this morning. My time was 11 minutes faster than my time at he Charleston Half in January! 11 minutes!

Pam Schroeder

Today is my five month anniversary with RunSmart! And I’m still lovin it. Started Prime today and what a great workout!

Rachel Cartland Fitzmorris

Thankyou Steve and Laura for putting the joy back in my running. I can’t even with the yoga lol…it works like magic!

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