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Improve flexibility & build strength with our runner-specific yoga practice.

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Flexibility for Fast & Injury-Free Running

Developed by Physical Therapist Steve Gonser, RunSmart Yoga focuses on fixing key imbalances that kill speed and cause injury so you can run your best!

“Thank you, RunSmart Yoga for putting the joy back in my running!”

Designed with Runners in Mind.

The movements and postures target common tightness and muscle imbalances that result in slower running & injuries. Created by Steve Gonser and yoga instructor Laura Igoe, our Vinyasa flow practice will keep you moving and stretching those tightest spots.

Whether you’re new to yoga or very experienced, RunSmart Yoga is just what you need to improve flexibility and build strength for running. If you want to run faster & injury-free, RunSmart Yoga is your missing piece!

What you get with RunSmart Yoga:


6 Introduction to Yoga Sessions perfect for learning Vinyasa flow


12 Runner Specific Yoga Sessions focused on keeping you flexible & strong to avoid injury


30-45 minute sessions that you can easily work into your busy schedule


All practices are video format & simple to follow from home or work


Access workouts anytime, anywhere and on any device

Optimize Your Runs with RunSmart Yoga.


Improves Hip Flexibility for Injury-Free Running.


Targets and Fixes Muscle Imbalances that Cause Injury.


Aims to Improve Hip Flexibility for Running Injury-Free.


Strengthens Posture for Better Run Form.

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