Cradle to 5K Program |

Watch the video above as Physical Therapist and BQ-Runner Steve Gonser talks about "pre-baby" anatomy. This is a short excerpt from the videos included with this program. Be sure to download the FREE Cradle2 5K eBook below.

Tell a Mom:

Our cradle to 5K program is designed to restore core strength that is lost during pregnancy, while gradually and progressively adding load to the body—eventually leading back to running. The contents of this program have been used by runner and physical therapist, Steve Gonser DPT, to help running my mom’s find their legs again.

Program Details

Introductory Video (40 Minutes)

Learn why returning to the road postpartum is so difficult. Steve will highlight the anatomical challenges that face moms attempting to return to the road. Understanding the “why” will make the “how” all the more effective.

The How (Six Videos – Range 10 – 22 minutes)

Three progressive core strength videos accompany this program. Each workout is accompanied by a separate video that describes the exercises, along with proper form advice. The exercises are designed to target specific weaknesses associated with postpartum moms.

eBook & Cradle2 5K Program

An eBook authored by Steve Gonser DPT accompanies the entire program. The book covers the research and theories behind his practices for returning moms to the road. The book also includes a Cradle2 5K program, as well as a running program who are not recently postpartum (10 months – 2 years).

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