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Who Are We?

We're different (our friends can attest). Being Buffalo-based Physical Therapists, we observe how individuals move in the presence of pain and dysfunction daily. RunSmart principles are rooted on a foundation of anatomy and movement. We don't provide run of the mill exercises, either. If you want the same old stuff just throw a line into the Google Search Sea. Our online run specific workouts are different: designed to train movements, not muscles. Our analysis focuses on your movement from head to toe, not merely your foot strike. Everything we teach and preach is run specific. Whether you're a novice, professional, running for the first time or the millionith, training for the mile or ultramarathon, our services empower you to run faster, smarter, and with less injury.

Our Mission

To provide you with services that are founded on the principles of anatomy and run specific movement, allowing you to run faster, stronger, and with less injury.

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What Others are saying...

“I love the workouts on this site! Great exercises designed to correct imbalances and heal injuries caused by compensating for those imbalances.”

Diane, New York

“I’m a huge fan! My favorites are ButtCamp and Day 3. Even when I have to travel for work - these are easy to squeeze in (no excuses!). Can’t wait to see what comes next!”

Jenni, Arkansas

“I got a good deal faster with the form corrections and now getting stronger with the boot camp series. Keep up the good work.”

Gene, New York

“What do I think so far? As a competitive runner, I think it's great source of "run specific" training information, workouts and exercises.”

Leo, Ohio

“RunSmart's online videos and articles are well thought out and easy to follow. This has definitely helped make me a smarter runner.”

Gordon, New York

“The functional strength and balance exercises have effectively eliminated this nagging problem, even while ramping up mileage for my next marathon.”

Jim, Arkansas

“I couldn't ask for a more comprehensive, yet simple system to do learn and perform workout drills in the comfort of your own home, or while away on travel.”

Tom, New York

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