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Hip Strength Secrets for Runners

Whether you're looking to run faster or simply stay healthy, this free webinar can help you get there. I have used the exercises highlighted in this webinar to successfully treat and train thousands of runners from across the globe.

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Where Should I Send Your Hip Strength Secrets Video?

What Others are saying...

“I love the workouts on this site! Great exercises designed to correct imbalances and heal injuries caused by compensating for those imbalances.”

Diane W.

“I’m a huge fan! My favorites are ButtCamp and Day 3. Even when I have to travel for work - these are easy to squeeze in (no excuses!). Can’t wait to see what comes next!”

Jenni P.

“I got a good deal faster with the form corrections and now getting stronger with the boot camp series. Keep up the good work."

Gene M.

“What do I think so far? As a competitive runner, I think it's great source of "run specific" training information, workouts and exercises.”

Leo F.

“The functional strength and balance exercises have effectively eliminated this nagging problem, even while ramping up mileage for my next marathon.”

Jim P.

Leaving PR's Behind?
Maybe It's Your Behind.

Researching the cause of any given running injury typically yields a common, redundant theme: strengthen your hips.

For good reason too; hip weakness has been found to be one of the key predictors for lower body injury amongst athletes. It's something I see every day as a physical therapist; however, the trouble lies with pairing runner-specific exercises that will translate from your living room to the road.

This is what the webinar is all about. So whether you're worried about leaving some time on the course or simply missing race day altogether due to injury, your best bet is to target your hips with specific and targeted exercises.

The Old Steve

This is me in my first marathon in 2009. It was anything but pretty. I clawed my way to the finish line with a 4:06 and change marathon, convinved I would "never do it again."

The New Steve

Flash forward to 2013. As a smarter, faster runner I cut over 70 (yes 70) minutes off my marathon. This was accomplsihed on much harder, NYC Marathon course to boot. So much for "never again."