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Perfect for runners looking to get faster and avoid injury.


Build, customize, and change your training plan on the fly — all in a proven system that helps runners run faster, stronger, and avoid injuries.

Tailored to meet your running goals, the RunSmart App offers flexible training programs from 5K through marathon.  Your plan includes all a proven system and provides all your runs, pacing, and strength workouts to get you feeling strong, fast, and healthy on race day.


With RunSmart App, You Get:


Instant and 24/7 access to your training plan on your phone through the RunSmart App.


A complete plan that includes distances, mileage, and paces so you can recovery faster, perform better and minimize injury.


Ditch old rigid plans – we provide the ability to adjust your goals, swap days, and even change your paces.


A full plan look-ahead to what’s coming to avoid surprises and plan your running and lift together.


Integrated strength training and recovery workouts to keep you feeling fresh, fast, and injury-free on the roads.


Avoid over-training in the heat — we pull your local weather and adjust your plan accordingly for warm days.


Get to the start line recovery and properly tapered with our integrated 2:1 training principle and taper program.

Also Included in the runsmart app




Kettlebells for runners, 12 workouts, great for speed, endurance, strength





Bootcamp for runners, 12 workouts,
great for injury prevention
glute strength




Yoga for runners, 12 workouts, great for flexibility, core strength


Get Instant Access to Every Training Plan & Strength Workout You Need to Improve Your Running

Training Plan Features

Customize your plan to your goals & fitness & avoid a cookie cutter approach.

Includes all strength & recovery exercises to limit injuries.

Adjust your plan on the fly to fit your schedule to avoid conflicts.

24/7 access to entire training to plan ahead & know what’s coming.

Avoid high coaching fees, spreadsheets, & hours of research.


Ditch your old spreadsheets and build, customize, and alter your training plan to fit your goals and schedule — all from the RunSmart App!

Here’s What Runners are Saying About Training
with RunSmart 

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Ruth S Lee

Thank you Steve Gonser & RunSmart Online. 20 second PR & BQ @ CIM. Injury free & focused on knee drive.

Brenda Ingstad

Just wanted to share my accomplishments with you all! I have been training for the 25k Surf the Murph Trail run. I have NOT trained for trails but it went really well. SERIOUS KUDOS to the strength plans in RunSmart!!!

April Grayson‎

I took over 10 minutes off my previous half at the Cambridge Half.Thank you RunSmart. Your strategies have worked wonders for me. My membership, plus all the support, sharing and resources is worth it's weight in gold.


Ran my B race, Hershey Half Marathon, today at the Sweetest Place on Earth. PR by 6.5 minutes!

MaryBeth King

Thank you Steve Gonser for creating the Runsmart program, I still need to fix some form issues but I had a PR thanks to you and no injuries 🙂 1hr 47 from 1 hr 56 at my first half last year!

Julie Barton

Bye bye Vegas! I'm leaving you with a PR! Thank you RunSmart!

Tamara Walker

So today I did a half marathon. My first in 5 years. Very thankful for this program and to Steve Gonser for providing it.The first half I was even on track for a PB!

Jef Greer

Had my ‘B’ race today for my (first) Half Marathon training. I hit 7’34”, even with the hills, and finished 1:10:27!! And my body feels great, thanks to Steve, Patrick and RunSmart!

Carrie Sauber Waters

6 min PR and BQ qualifying time at CIM (from my marathon in April.). Thank you Steve Gonser and RunSmart. Oh yea just turned 50!!

Sarah Brett-Sheridan

Today I ran my first marathon, a virtual Brighton Marathon. I’d never have done as well I did do had it not been for the fantastic RunSmart training program. Can’t thank you enough Steve Gonser and Patrick O'Connor for getting me this far.  


13 minute marathon PR! I had to fight to hang on for my first sub-4 finish. Loved using Base six in my training and looking forward to more...after I recover.

Rebecca B W

Thank you Steve! I PR'D by 7 minutes! 2:19:40!!!

Sara Baker

Got my BQ and PR’d by over 4 minutes! 3:23:41 in the Jack and Jill marathon out in North bend, Washington! Thank you Steve Gonser and RunSmart training for keeping me strong and helping me reach my goals!

Jackie Koenig

My marathon pace was 29 seconds per mile faster than my last race. I’ll be 52 in two weeks. RSO even helps us “older” folks!