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Thank You

We cannot thank our athletes enough for helping us on our quest to promote and improve the sport of running.

Like our athletes, we run because of our passion for the sport. It's beyond a healthy lifestyle. Our passion shines through on all of our services and products.


"RunSmart is the perfect combination of passion for running and medical expertise, which translates into optimal performance on the field."

Dr. Valerie Vullo, MD

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

"I would like to extend my most since sincere gratitude to you and your staff for your help getting me back to into the sport of running."

Dean Goodison

2:53 Marathoner

Dean was told there was no "solution" for his injury.

RunSmart Running Analysis Testinmonial

Whether you are just getting into running, are searching for those last few minutes of speed, or are recovering from an injury, I am a firm believer that performing a RunSmart Running Analysis is one of the best decisions you can make.

After years of running and feeling like I had "plateaued" thanks to Steve and the RunSmart system, my eyes were opened wide to all the areas I could work on to improve my running form and in turn... SPEED!!

Whether your running for your next paycheck like myself, or just trying to lower your PR in the local 5K, you will not regret getting a RunSmart analysis.

Ian Mikelson, Professional Triathlete