Run Form Analysis

Running is more than putting one foot in front of the other. Learning proper running form will maximize your efficiency so that you can run faster and, more importantly, with less chance of injury. Every running form analysis is completed by a physical therapist.

Learn Correct Running Form to Run More Efficiently With Fewer Injuries and Faster Paces

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Schedule an appointment with one of our physical therapists for one-on-one training. Each scheduled gait analysis includes three training sessions that involve slow-motion running form video analysis. We’ll give you our prescription, including running form drills and exercise recommendations.
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Upload Running Videos

Don’t live near one of our local therapists? No worries. Simply record your running with any mobile phone and choose either a single-view or full analysis. We’ll tell you exactly what views to capture and how to upload them, no tech savvy required!
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Questions and Answers

How do I upload my videos, and what are the requirements?

You can find information about recording your video by clicking here. Uploading instructions can be found here. The entire process can be completed quickly. Be sure to capture the best video possible, as it allows our physical therapists to provide the best running form analysis.

Do I have to upload right away?

No. From the date of purchase, you can upload any time in the next year (365 days). That means you can upload at the best time for you. Here are a few scenarios:

1. Injury: Our analysis is a great way to identify the cause of an injury. However, if you’re currently injured and unable to run, we recommend that you upload your video once you’re able to run a minimum of 10 minutes without pain.

2. Upcoming Race: We recommend not changing your run form drastically before your next race. The best time to upload a video and work on your running form is either after a race or if you have a minimum of eight weeks before a race.

What can switching to a proper running form do?

Bad form can lead to injury, especially for beginners. Common pitfalls like low hip strength and a bad running foot strike can put you at risk. Conversely, when you improve your posture and foot strike, you can completely revolutionize your distance running game and reach new PRs. That’s our goal: to give you the drills and tips you need to run better and faster, all while staying injury-free. Even intermediate and advanced runners who have a good running form can still find new areas to work on.

What is the end product?

Within 10 days of uploading your footage, we will provide you a link to download our running form tips and gait analysis. Each analysis contains more than 30 minutes of video. Our staff of physical therapists will identify possible causes of injury based on movement principles that you’ll understand.

You’ll be able to watch yourself run side by side with other runners at regular speed and in slow motion. Our physical therapists will voice over, draw, and explain everything you need to know to run faster and with less injury. We’ll tell you how to correct your form. Running drills and strength-training exercises will be recommended so that you can make specific muscle groups stronger and address the lagging or sagging parts of your body. You’ll get a comprehensive look at your form along with a plan of attack. Start working toward a correct running form and upload your video today!