Physical Therapy

Just picture it: You’re on pace for a new PR. You’re about to make a big turn at the bottom of a hill. And then, you land one step a little bit off.

You might be so filled with adrenaline and sore already that you don’t notice the pinching, stabbing feeling until you find yourself celebrating at the post-race party. You’re convinced that it will just go away, right? It’s no big deal. The runner in us takes over, and we ignore and downplay our injuries until they steamroll our training.

Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced runner, injuries will happen. Even the most experienced and fit runners get injured. At RunSmart Online, not only have we treated thousands of runners, but we help them prevent future injuries. Our clinicians teach techniques and routines that will help get you back on the road running safely.


Maybe You Should Stop Running?

Have you ever heard this from your doctor or clinician? Well, you won’t find that nonsense here. We understand how important running can be to you, your mind, and your body. You can’t just stop someone’s passion and call that a “fix.”

Creating safer, smarter runners and successfully preventing and managing the most common running injuries for long-distance runners are our goals.

Addressing Running-Related Injuries

We have clinicians located in the greater Buffalo area who are experts in treating the strange and uncomfortable injuries that often result from running. Our runner-specific treatments can help soothe your hamstrings, Achilles tendons, shins, and other areas that have been under- or over-used. Our physical therapists will tweak and redesign your training program, correct muscle imbalances, and not only treat the issue at hand but also help you run better, faster, and safer in the future.

Starting Off on the Right Foot

Our PT staff will heal you faster, get you back on the road sooner, and teach you running injury prevention techniques. Learn healthy running tips from expert physical therapists now and start running better. If you’ve been hurt on a long run, schedule an appointment with us by filling out our online form. We’ll evaluate you and create a better running training plan, encouraging you to grow stronger and enjoy safer, injury-free runs in the future. When your injury is healed, we won’t leave you in the dust; you can buy an online membership to stream strength-training workouts to get yourself up to and beyond 100 percent. Rehabbing with us is a complete program from start to finish line. Sign up now!


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