Need a running coach? Our staff includes physical therapists who not only specialize in running but are also runners themselves. We offer a variety of services to help you run faster and, more importantly, safer.

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Online Membership

Stream all of our services online and on demand to save time and money. Our members enjoy getting hours of strength-training workouts, running form guidance, and detailed plans. Turn your smartphone into a virtual running coach while streaming hours of video.

We have everything from beginner workouts to advanced weight training. We also hold live events in our members-only Facebook group. Sign up now to get a two-week free trial, or start training with our online running coaching right now after buying an annual plan.

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Run Form Analysis

Maximizing your efficiency through running form improvement is an awesome way to not only avoid injury but also run faster. Either visit us in person or upload videos and get a virtual breakdown of your form with an online running coach who happens to be a physical therapist.

Our physical therapists will give you tips and detailed advice on how to avoid common running issues and improve your game. Each running form analysis is performed by a physical therapist with an in-depth knowledge of advanced running techniques. Choose from a full or single-view gait analysis.

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Injury Rehabilitation


“Maybe you shouldn’t run anymore.” Have you heard this phrase from your PT or doctor? Well, you won’t hear it from us. We specialize in treating runners, getting them healthy sooner, and getting lasting results to keep them on the road.

We take runners’ needs for rehabilitation seriously. Please note that while an online running coach can provide help and running form analysis to anyone, our physical therapists can only treat patients in New York state.


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Due to current laws and legislation, we are unable to treat, provide treatment advice, or consult in any way for injuries outside of New York. Nearby runners should feel free to schedule an appointment with our expert PT’s at one of our offices in Western New York; our team of professional physical therapists will help you get healthy and stronger.
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