Yoga for Runners

18 Runner-specific practices to improve flexibility, build strength, and run injury-free.

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Unlimited access for $8.25/month, billed annually

Frustrated with Constant Injuries?

Tired of Feeling Stiff and Sore on Runs?

Then RunSmart Yoga Is for You!

Our runner-specific yoga program focuses on fixing key imbalances that kill speed and cause injuries so you can run your best!

Physical Therapist Designed Training.

If you’re frustrated with injuries or want to run faster without running more, then you’ve come to the right place! The movements and postures used with RunSmart Yoga target common tightness and muscle imbalances that result in slower running & injuries.

Created by Physical Therapist Steve Gonser & yoga instructor Laura Igoe, our Vinyasa flow practice will keep you moving and stretching those tightest spots.

Whether you’re new to yoga or very experienced, RunSmart Yoga is just what you need to improve flexibility and build strength for running. If you want to run faster & injury-free, RunSmart Yoga is your missing piece!

What you get with RunSmart Yoga:


6 Introduction to Yoga practices to learn positions & postures, even if you’re just getting started


12 Runner-Specific Yoga practices focused on keeping you flexible and strong to avoid injuries & run faster


30-45 minute sessions that can easily work into your busy schedule


All practices are video format & simple to follow from home or work 


24/7 access to practices on your phone, tablet, computer, or TV!

What Runners are Saying

How it Works

RunSmart Yoga is designed to integrate into your existing training. Add RunSmart Yoga to your routine just 2x/week and see the benefits on your next run!

Plus, you get 24/7 access to stream practices anytime, anywhere & on any device!

RunSmart Yoga is only available through RunSmart, which is a larger program that gives you everything you need to hit your running goals & prevent injury.

All RunSmart programs are designed by Physical Therapist Steve Gonser to help you run faster, stronger & injury-free!

Unlimited access for $8.25/month, billed annually

With RunSmart,
You Also Get


Strength workouts for runners to prevent injuries and run faster.


Customized training plans from 5k to marathon that prevent overtraining & injuries without compromising performance.


Run form coaching to improve your stride for faster, injury-free running.


A global community of 2,000+ runners for training, race & gear advice.


Runner-specific yoga for flexibility so you can feel your best running.

Unlimited access for $8.25/month, billed annually


Ready to Run Faster & Injury-Free?

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