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Running Efficiently
with Inefficient Form

That sounds a little weird, right?

But it’s true. If you do any task enough, no matter how awkward, you will naturally become more efficient with the task.

I see it in my son every day as he learns — his little nervous and muscular systems working to figure things out until he can do them with no thought at all. What is he doing? Building the habit.

For runners, the habit is built and engrained with every step taken. Not only does this make it feel “natural,” but also makes it tough to change.

“I feel ok the way I run so I don’t think it’s worth changing.”

The one-sentence quote above has plagued the running futures of many. More research is being poured into the running community every month — the product of the “running boom.” However, most runners are failing to capitalize on one simple fact that is known amongst insiders: there is a proper and improper way to run.

Just like golfing, swimming, or even playing the piano, there is a right and wrong way. Running is no different.

Kylee, a runner who underwent a run form analysis with RunSmart, says “This analysis was a massive wake up call for me.” Kylee discovered big weaknesses and faulty run form that she attributed to her accumulating running injuries.

She’s not alone, though. For us, watching a runner in action gives us the complete story of their running. From plateaued results, to struggling with injury after injury, a solid run analysis can do wonders for your running (and your body). Below, I talk about it a little more in a quick 3-minute video. Take a look:

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Read Kylee’s Full Analysis Review:

This analysis was a massive wake up call for me. After a winter of big training I emerged in the spring beat up and dysfunctional. I had become really good at running poorly with big weaknesses, compensations, and accumulating injuries. The analysis presentation was so technical and precise yet presented in such an understandable way; very impressive!

The icing on the cake for the analysis is that you can roll right into the Base Six workouts after learning so much about what your running needs to improve. You have to consider: what good is the analysis unless you do something with the information presented? Well, the strength program is perfect. I really enjoy doing the workouts because it feels like time well spent doing relevant, running specific exercises.

Save your money and time from other doctor’s appointments and inferior PTs and get an analysis done. You will be armed with all the information you will ever need to stay healthy, strong, and have a knowledge base for what breaks down in your stride. Huge benefits, zero downside. Do it![/ezcol_3quarter_end]