My run analysis was the best thing I did for my running.

Run Form Analysis
A Head-to-Toe Evaluation Tool

When the cameras came out, the real learning began….

Patrick and I started doing a slow-motion video run analysis years ago. Before that, we were screening and testing our runners with the naked eye and some hands-on technique.

What we didn’t realize is how much we:

✔️ Miss with the naked eye AND

✔️ Would learn about how we move in the precence of dysfunction and pain

Applying our knowledge as Physical Therapists who focus on the running population, we have learned and adapted best practices to identify major concerns that are causing, or will cause injury and slower running.

We’ve analyzed a thousand plus runners over the years — mainly after they find themselves in Kylee’s position.

After training all winter, Kylee found herself beat up, injured, and tired. “This analysis was a massive wake up call for me.”

Kylee submitted her running videos to us and we got to work. After dissecting her running frame-by-frame, we packaged all the videos with voiceovers back to her.

“The analysis presentation was so technical and precise yet presented in such an understandable way,” Kylee said.

Nearly 18-months later Kylee is still reaping the benefits of her run analysis. “The analysis I did in May of 2015 was the best thing I ever did for my running.”

To fully understand the power of a run analysis, take a look here with a snippet from a recent full run form analysis. I’ll outline a probable cause for recurring right sided injuries.

Now do you see why your run form is more than foot strike? A run analysis is a head-to-toe evaluation tool (what you saw above was 90 seconds of a full 30-minute deep dive into our run analysis).

If you’re struggling to know why you’re not getting faster or constantly injured, a run analysis is an extremely useful tool. The offer is on the table to join Kylee and the thousands of other runners who have come to us for help.

Interested in a RunSmart Analysis?
Between now and Sunday, you can save 20% and upload your run videos anytime in the next 365 days.

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Read Kylee’s Full Analysis Review:

This analysis was a massive wake up call for me. After a winter of big training I emerged in the spring beat up and dysfunctional. I had become really good at running poorly with big weaknesses, compensations, and accumulating injuries. The analysis presentation was so technical and precise yet presented in such an understandable way; very impressive!

The icing on the cake for the analysis is that you can roll right into the Base Six workouts after learning so much about what your running needs to improve. You have to consider: what good is the analysis unless you do something with the information presented? Well, the strength program is perfect. I really enjoy doing the workouts because it feels like time well spent doing relevant, running specific exercises.

Save your money and time from other doctor’s appointments and inferior PTs and get an analysis done. You will be armed with all the information you will ever need to stay healthy, strong, and have a knowledge base for what breaks down in your stride. Huge benefits, zero downside. Do it![/ezcol_3quarter_end]