Level Up Your Training with RunSmart PRIME

Build strength & endurance with our runner-specific kettlebell program.

Get a 14 day trial for $1!

Membership renews after trial for $15/month.
You may cancel anytime.

Fast & Injury-Free Over 40

Created by Physical Therapist Steve Gonser, RunSmart PRIME focuses on strength building to prevent common injuries and keep you running in your prime!

“PRIME is the first workout program I’ve ever finished!

I’ll be sticking with this program for a long time to come. I also learned that I LOVE kettlebell! Thank you, Steve Gonser!


Take Your Training to the Next Level.

RunSmart PRIME is our advanced strength training program for runners who have completed Base6 or RunSmart Yoga. PRIME will improve your strength, balance & endurance – allowing you to run faster, stronger and injury-free!

Here’s What you Get with RunSmart PRIME:


12 runner-specific kettlebell workouts to build upper body, hip & core strength


Includes training videos on proper form


All workouts are 30 minutes or less, making them easy to fit into your busy schedule


Program is self-paced with zero pressure


Workouts accessible anytime, anywhere and from any device

Power Up Your Runs with RunSmart Prime.


Builds Upper and Lower Body Strength


Targets and Fixes Muscle Imbalances that Cause Injury


Reinforces Postural Strength for Better Run Form

Optimize Your Runs with RunSmart BaseSix.

Try RunSmart.


Access strength workouts, training plans and more – without the high cost of a coach, trainer, or gym.

Membership renews after trial for $15/month.
You may cancel anytime.

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