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by Dan dion on RunSmart Online, LLC

I want to thank Steve Gosner and his staff for putting out such a tremendous, thorough, well informed web site. I've always had an affinity to want to run better, but could never break thru to become comfortable. This year I became comfortable. I also became injured and started searching for answers. This wonderful service popped on my Facebook page and my journey began, along with answers to questions that have plagued me for some time. "I'm weak" and I need to train for running. After hemming and hawing about joining I read 1 article that put me over the top and was appropriate for my situation. It was what to look for in a clinician, and when to walk away. I was lucky as my clinician is also a runner. She and the staff have diagnosed my weaknesses. What do you know balance and weak hips are the cause of my ailments. I've tried some of the Base Six videos (and yes Steve I called you some nasty names on day 1 ,2 but day 3 how about another plank). I can't wait to get thru Base Six along with Prime and Yoga for runners, which is the bomb especially for someone as inflexible as I am. I hope in the near future to utilize your run form analysis but I don't want to make it easy on you as you will clearly see my flaws in hamstring and hips, and shuffle.
Once again if you are thinking about joining this wonderful service I highly recommend it as there are wonderful runners who take part in the discussions along with Steve expertise as both a runner and physical therapist. He sees first hand runners who may be strong but are "weak". I'm looking forward to a strong 2017 season with your coaching.
Thanks again Steve....YOU ROCK

by Kalani cummings on RunSmart Online, LLC

Running is my passion. I love it. Pushing myself, running hard, racing, adrenaline. And then there is injury. Injury really sucks and I don't know any other way to say that. It sets you back and slows your time. I am 48 now and started running about 2 years ago. Did my first race and won. So I became addicted. Within a year I started injuring myself but kept running. Soon it became a viscous cycle. Run, hobble, run, rest, run hobble.... I started searching for something/someone to help me, but everything was so expensive and didn't offer run specific training and definitely did not offer injury prevention/recovery advice. When I saw Steve's seminar online I felt like I hit a jackpot. He was offering so much valuable information. I wish I could have found him years ago. I can't afford to go to a physical therapist or get a private running coach. RunSmartOnline offers three different series of running specific workouts, free seminars on running, a free training plan (specific to your race goal), a private Facebook running group with amazing runners and a lot more. Steve also has live seminars where he drinks an IPA while chatting! I'm a sucker for IPA. My goal is to run a 43 minute 10k without getting injured. I have started my training plan with RunSmartOnline and love it. Totally worth the small investment!! I'm very conservative when it comes to buying online workouts but I was convinced right after listening to that first online seminar!! Thank you Steve!!

I want to thank Steve for opening my eyes on how to properly train for distance running. The information on the website is an invaluable tool on how to train and how to prevent injury. When I first started distance running about 4 years ago, I thought "I was a competitive athlete all through college so I can handle 13.1 miles right", not so fast my friend. (As a side note I ran that first race injured so it wasn't much fun). My training was a hodge podge of advice from various online sources. I was always trying to tweak them with the "more is better philosophy". In the end, I always ended up training too hard, too fast, and without strength training. This lead to a plethora of problems with my achilles, IT band, calfs, hips, and lower back. It seemed like I was always fighting something. Once I started employing the RunSmart method, many of my nagging injuries disappeared. It allowed me to go on the long training runs and then walk the next morning without the Frankenstein stiffness (you all know what I'm talking about). I really like Steve's scientific approach to running, physics is physics and the laws do apply no matter how much we want to change them. I just completed my first marathon, NYC, a couple of weeks ago. It was a distance I never thought that I could conquer but I did with Steve and RunSmart. Now that I know how to train the right way, I'm ready go for it again. Thanks again Steve.

by Courtney Daily on RunSmart Online, LLC

Had a PR and first place in my age group at the Queen City Half Marathon in Buffalo, NY!!! There is NO WAY I could have done this without the RunSmart Online program. What a GREAT resource!! As a fairly newbie runner (started running ~5 years ago) and as a person with a history of non-running related injuries, I did not think my body could handle more more than a 5K. RunSmartOnline proved me wrong! I started with RunSmartMechanix after learning that my heel strike style of running was likely contributing to my knee problems. After changing my run form with Mechanix I experienced an increase in my speed and my knee pain resolved. Their strength training programs Base Six, Yoga, Kettlebell have also proven essential for keeping me strong and injury free. I used the Half Marathon Training plan builder for my last race and found it so helpful for so MANY reasons - from keeping me on track and accountable for my training, to how many miles/week I should to be running, what pace, how/when to incorporate tempo runs, track workouts, recovery runs, etc. What a huge help and learning experience it was. This site has so many helpful tools for runners. I am lucky to have found such a great resource!!

by Janice spiotta on RunSmart Online, LLC

‎Today was my goal race, Wineglass full, and I did it! I PR'd and qualified for Boston 2018. My runsmartonline journey began in April when I watched a seminar on building a training plan for a goal race. It made sense and I was willing to give it a try, but what made me put up the cash ? and join, was the video of Steve emphasizing how little clam shells do for strengthening. I'm an older runner and know the importance of strength training, but what I was doing didn't get me to the goals I had. In an email exchange with Steve, he told me he thought he could help me reach my goals. I did base six faithfully, and tinkered with kettle bell and yoga workouts. When his training plan builder came out I built one, but was already using one I had designed myself based on his seminar. So, I ended up combining them, and trusting some of my own knowledge of myself and running needs. (For example, I never run more than four days a week, that is a recipe for injury for me) The last five miles today were all mental. I focused on form, as per Steve's advice, and came close to holding my pace through the tough part. I remember in that first seminar he said you have to trust your training, you will be running slow and you be will be running fast, you will do very little at race pace. Well today it worked for me. A huge thank you!

by Rebecca ward on RunSmart Online, LLC

I love this website! I had struggled with one running issue after another for a couple of years, and it seemed every other website I went to had the same information and wasn't helping me. The very first seminar I watched on this website was so informational and so helpful. The theories behind all the training plans seem so different from everything else I have read and heard, and it has made a difference for me. I was stuck in a continuing pain cycle that no longer is an issue, because of an improved running form, and strengthening workouts that focus on what I need most. Thank you Steve for a job well done!

by Steve Luther on RunSmart Online, LLC

Absolutely love runsmartonline.Com. I have tried other sites and this is the best. The strength workouts have been a great addition to my training and have improved my running. Base six even helped me finally climb the elephant at Deep Creek MD when I couldn't before. Got to stand on top of the elephant with my 10 year old son for the first time and show him getting old is a choice.

by Susan Pollak on RunSmart Online, LLC

I have been struggling with an old hamstring injury for almost 4 years. While it has gotten better slowly, over time. It's always achy and I've never been able to successfully do lunges ever since. They have just aggravated the old injury. Well, I've been doing Base Six for about a month and the Kettle bell workouts also. I'm doing lunges all the time now and my leg isn't achy anymore. If I could give 10 stars, I would. 🙂

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