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Before 2000 I ran 20 marathons and ultras. My nemesis was a cervical disc that would pinch a nerve and sideline me - just when I was gitting my peak. After 12 years I decided to get back to them. Luckily, I found forefoot running. Guess injuries at all. But...times were way down. I took the review and found what midfoot and good running form were really about. I was also impressed with some of the exercises. I like he feeling of the smooth form I have developed. I still have work to do but at least I know what I should shoot for now. BTW. Good form is not willy nilly. These are well established techniques and I'm glad I became a student of them.

This analysis was a massive wake up call for me. After a winter of big training I emerged in the spring beat up and dysfunctional. I had become really good at running poorly with big weaknesses, compensations, and accumulating injuries. The analysis presentation was so technical and precise yet presented in such an understandable way; very impressive!

The icing on the cake for the analysis is that you can roll right into the Base Six workouts after learning so much about what your running needs to improve. You have to consider: what good is the analysis unless you do something with the information presented? Well, the strength program is perfect. I really enjoy doing the workouts because it feels like time well spent doing relevant, running specific exercises.

Save your money and time from other doctor's appointments and inferior PTs and get an analysis done. You will be armed with all the information you will ever need to stay healthy, strong, and have a knowledge base for what breaks down in your stride. Huge benefits, zero downside. Do it!

by Joyce W on RunSmart Online, LLC

I participated in the RunSmart Running Analysis Program this spring after successfully receiving Physical Therapy with Steve Gonser this past winter for some Achille's issues which quickly were resolved. I found the Analysis to be extremely helpful and thorough in targeting and correcting my heel strike as well as utilization of proper run form to improve my speed and running efficiency. As a runner for 10+ years I only wish I had participated in the Analysis sooner. I would certainly recommend participation in a RunSmart Running Analysis program to anyone interested in improving their run form, speed, and staying injury free. My most recent HM finish time of decreasing close to 3 minutes off of my finish time from last year's finish time on the same course, reflects the benefits of this program 🙂 I will continue to work on improving my form and treatment goals to further improve my running in the future! Thanks go to you Steve!

by Jonathan Ladino on RunSmart Online, LLC

I really enjoyed the analysis. It taught me how to change the way I move and was well beyond the traditional "teach you midfoot program." These guys know a lot about movement. Definitely recommend to my running friends.

by Mitchell George on RunSmart Online, LLC

I started running at age 45 and completed three marathons by age 49. I then got really ambitious and set my sights on running a Boston Marathon Qualifying Time, a full 12 minutes faster than my personal record. At the same time, I read "Born to Run" and thought that the 'barefoot' running style it championed was my ticket to running faster. It did feel faster and more efficient, BUT...I never made it to the starting line of another marathon due to metatarsal stress fractures (two of them -- back to back -- at the peak of my marathon training program for two different races). I thought my marathon career might be over, so out of desperation I Googled "metatarsal stress fracture prevention" and Run Smart popped up!

After I healed from my last stress fracture and set my sights on a race that was 4 months away, I did two things -- 1) used Steve's advice from his videos on the website to change my running form to what he prescribed. 2) started doing the Run Smart Base Six Boot Camp. I did one of the programs a week until I reached the end, which corresponded with the peak of my marathon mileage build-up.

Result: This past June I stood at the starting line of my first Marathon in more than 2 1/2 years -- injury free. What's more, I set a personal record and actually hit my goal of running fast enough to qualify for Boston!! And, I did this with a reduced training schedule; I was so afraid of injuring my foot again that I dropped my weekly mileage by cutting out all of the Saturday runs in my training program.

So, I ran a marathon with less training miles, no injuries, and faster than I ever had...because I Ran Smart, not hard!!

by Mitchell D. on RunSmart Online, LLC

As a high school runner you are always looking for new ways to improve your times, run faster and at the same time run more comfortably. Steve was able to give me some great tips on my running form that would make me run faster and smoother. I can definatly feel the difference. Along with that he will give you many good exercises that will keep you from getting running related injuries. I think that if you want to take your running to the next level you should definately try this program.

by Jillmarie on RunSmart Online, LLC

After trying to improve my run form on my own with no improvement and starting the Runsmart Bootcamp I decided to have a run analysis done. Steve explaining to me what I was doing wrong and what I could do to improve the wrongs. Steve talked me through the new way to run and gave me a plan to work my way from old way to new way of running.
As I begin training for a 1/2 marathon, I was very concerned about the amount of running required because I didn't think my body could handle it along with triathlon training. Steve had great insight in how I can still succeed without running as much as the 1/2 training group plan set out. I'm very excited as I work on the new way to run and I hope to stay shin splint free. Thanks Steve for the analysis and Pat and Scott for the Bootcamp sessions!

After hearing many great things about Steve and seeing his presentation at the Keuka Triathlon, I decided to have my running analyzed. I had already noticed that most of the strong runners I've seen have the form Steve encourages. This form is based on solid physics and anatomy, which I appreciate as there are plenty of unsubstantiated claims out there. There are many aspects to this form - it is NOT just running on the ball of your foot.

Yes, the recommendations felt strange as I implemented them into my run. But, the proof is in the run! Not only have my times improved, I am less fatigued at the end of longer runs. I'm one happy camper. Thanks Steve!

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