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Run Analysis

Record. Upload. Improve.

Single View Analysis

Price: $69/view

Don't have room to manuever for a full analysis or maybe you looking to capture a foot view to evaluate strength? Capture a quick 20 seconds of yourself running in the comfort of your own own home. Upload it to us, then let us get to work. Recieve a complete analysis of your view, downloaded by you, within 1 week!.

Which View

Authorized Location or Film Yourself

Price: $229

Full Analysis

This option is for all individual filming themselves at home or scheduling with our Authorized Video Collection Sites. It includes all 4 views. If you would like the pricing for your group or team, please contact us and we will supply you a payment link.

RunSmart Running Analysis Payment

Buffalo Rehab Group Location

Price: $299

Full Analysis

This option is for runners who are visiting our clinic for their running analysis. The pricing at our Buffalo Rehab Group location is slighlty higher in cost due to the one on one interaction you will receive with this session. You will work with a staff member to get your questions answered and to review drills and exercises to improve run form. Analysis includes all 4 views.

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