Discover the Secret to Feeling Great on Every Run.

Over 65% of runners struggle to feel great & run consistently, but many don’t know how to fix it…

Chances are, you’re one of them.

No matter how much you stretch or warm up, if you’re not incorporating runner-specific strength training into your routine, you’re likely missing the key to feeling great while running and preventing injuries.

The solution? Add runner-specific strength exercises to your routine. These exercises will help you build a strong foundation for smooth, pain-free, and effortless running.

Experience the Difference with Runner-Specific Strength Training.

Say goodbye to common running discomforts and unlock the following benefits:


Boost your endurance and speed


Eliminate common running pains and discomforts


Improve your running form and efficiency


Prevent injuries and recover faster


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Three Powerful Benefits of Adding Runner-Specific Strength Training to Your Routine:


Stronger Foundation

Strengthening your core, hips, and legs will help you maintain proper running form and reduce the stress on your joints and muscles, leading to a lower risk of injury.


Improved Running Efficiency

By targeting the muscles used in running, you’ll improve your overall mechanics, making each stride feel smoother and more effortless.


Faster Recovery

Strength training can help improve your body’s ability to recover from long runs and hard workouts, allowing you to bounce back faster and train more consistently.

Key: Your Exercises Should Look & Feel Like Running.

Adding any strength exercises to your routine is not enough. To see results, focus on exercises specifically designed for runners.  Here’s how to get started:

1. Closed-chain Exercises

The body functions with the foot on the ground (closed chain) – that’s how you should train it. Standing exercises, particularly on one foot, are a gamechanger for runners. Stay away from exercises where your foot is off the ground (open chain) like clamshells and leg lifts.

2. Target your Ass(ets)

Runners have specific needs. Targeting your best assets is key – and yes that means your glutes.  All levels of runners can benefit from stronger balance, glutes, and core muscles.  Start your routine here and you’ll see results fast.

3. Shave Time

If you’re a busy, it’s tough to find time to fit everything in.  That’s why exercises that target multiple muscle groups are key.  It builds strength faster, burns more calories, and avoids adding unnecessary bulk.  Trade in isolating exercises like clamshells and leg lifts for exercises that look and feel like running.

Here’s the Truth:

Runners who fail to incorporate runner-specific strength training are far more likely to be injured, see their performance suffer, and miss out running consistently.  If you’re looking to train smarter to not hurt yourself – or maybe you’re just tired of being sore and injured – it’s time to incorporate runner-specific strength into your routine.

Remember: Not all Strength Training is Created Equal.

Adding strength training to your running routine is a crucial first step, but adding the CORRECT strength training makes all the difference.  By using exercises that are specifically designed for runners, you can not only maximize the results, but you can save time– allowing more time for those sweet, sweet miles.

That’s where RunSmart comes in. The RunSmart app is a comprehensive platform offering a wealth of Physical Therapist-designed and runner-specific strength training.  Say goodbye to discomfort and unlock the secret to feeling great while running with our expert guidance and support. Start your journey today!

Welcome to RunSmart.

Whether you run for fun, your mental health, or to set a new PR, RunSmart can help train smarter for the long run.  Experience the power of runner-specific strength training with easy-to-follow exercises and programs.

Here’s what’s included:

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RunSmart members encompass all facets of running, representing diverse goals and lifestyles.

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About RunSmart

Founded in 2011 by Physical Therapist & 6X Boston Qualifier Steve Gonser, RunSmart began as a live coaching and exercise program to help runners get fit, hit race goals, and stay injury-free. In 2020, RunSmart transitioned to offering its services online through its website and mobile app.

With thousands of users worldwide, RunSmart has simplified the process for runners to access high-quality training from Physical Therapists, including custom training plans, strength workouts, yoga, run form training, and more.

How it Works

Sign up for your free 14-day trial and get instant access to the RunSmart app and all its features. Access the app from any device and start experiencing the benefits of runner-specific strength training.

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