Macronutrient Mastery for Runners 

Unlock Peak Performance with Tailored Nutrition

Ever feel like you run out of gas?  You know it as hitting the wall or bonking — either way, it’s never fun.

Dive deep into the science of fueling and uncover the exact nutrition you need to feel amazing from start to finish.

👉 Grasp the real power of macros – tailored for runners

👉 Say goodbye to guesswork; nail your daily energy needs

👉 Elevate your runs by beating fatigue with evidence-based strategies

Discover how to calculate your exact fueling needs to support your training with guidance straight from a registered dietitian.

Like many runners, you could be unknowingly underfueling.

It’s time to find out.


with guidance from Registered Dietitian, Shannon Wilson RD!

The scoop on macros: why runners like you might get it wrong.

The exact balance of carbs, proteins, and fats for both training and rest days


Precision formulas to tweak your fueling to your unique needs

Think your nutrition game is strong? Let’s take it to the next level.

Fine-tuning your nutrition with this mini-course might just be the secret weapon you’re missing. Discover how the right balance of macros can revolutionize your pacing, distance, and recovery.

Here’s what’s included in this video training series

I. Macronutrients
Understanding Macros
Power of Protein for Runners
Carbs: A Runner’s Best Friend

Fats in Focus

II. Calculating Energy Needs

Tailored Energy Needs Demystified

Step-by-Step Macro Calculation

Practical Calculation Example

Don’t let nutrition be your blind spot.

It’s time to elevate every mile with expertise straight from the world of dietetics. Sign up and turbocharge your training today.

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