RunSmart PRIME: Kettlebells for Runners

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RunSmart PRIME will help you instill fear in your age group.

PRIME is a six week, 12 workout kettlebell strength program for runners. Designed by physical therapist Steve Gonser, PRIME will help you improve your balance, strength, and endurance–allowing you to run faster, stronger, and with less injury.

This download includes 12 videos totaling roughly 6 hours. It’s not recommended for iPad or similar devices. For those looking to view on phones and tablets, please consider our OnDemand Streaming Services. Learn more here.

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PRIME is a six week, 12 workout kettlebell strength program for runners. Designed by physical therapist Steve Gonser, PRIME will help you improve your balance, strength, and endurance–allowing you to run faster, stronger, and with less injury.

Program Details:

  1. Twelve Kettlebell Workouts
  2. One Training Video on Proper Form
  3. Each Workout Lasts Between 25 and 30 minutes
  4. All Workout Videos are Downloaded

How will PRIME Help Your Running?

  1. Builds Upper and Lower Body Strength
  2. Targets and Fixes Muscle Imbalances that Cause Injury
  3. Increases Fitness to Run Faster and Longer
  4. Reinforces Postural Strength for Better Run Form

Watch this to Learn More

Sweat through 25 to 30 minutes of power moves in each and every kettlebell workout. For runners at an intermediate or advanced level, the results will show when you start setting new PRs with our six-week plan of kettlebell training. For runners who are beginners, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you pump up your endurance! We offer 12 intense sessions, clocking in at about six hours of streaming or downloaded video. We recommend incorporating this into your running schedule once or twice per week, depending on your program.

10 reviews for RunSmart PRIME: Kettlebells for Runners

  1. Steph Spritzer

    Prime! Being a tester I learned it’s not about just swinging a kettlbell! Halo! Hinge! Has helped me with my core and balance! I am so excited to do this workout in the next few weeks! I can feel my core getting stronger and notice just last night my running has become effortless! After a long workday! Thank you for letting me be a tester! Prime! Strong core! Bring it on! Stet

  2. Courtney

    RunSmart Prime is my favorite Runsmart program so far! Incorporating the Kettlebell with lunges and balancing is intense. This program is ideal to help me with balance and muscle strength! And using the Kettlebell also has the added benefit of an increased cardiovascular workout. I just ran my longest, fastest run ever since starting the program! RunSmart Prime will definitely become a permanent part of my training regimen!

  3. Jeanne

    Just got started with Run Smart PRIME and am looking forward to significant results. Exactly what I need to work on: strength (especially glutes) and balance. I’ve started with a 5 lb. kettle bell and will add a heavier one so I can switch when appropriate.

  4. Sharon

    Everything Runsmart promotes is well worth the time and effort. I especially love the kettlebell workouts becuase they are strength training. This allows me to incorporate my weight bearing moves with improving my moves for running. These all keep me injury free. Thank you Steve and RunSmart. Your are the best!!!

  5. Jan P

    This is my first time using kettle bells so I really enjoyed the introductory moves which allowed me to use/swing the kettle bells in proper form. I’ve been searching for a good program to supplement my running other than traditional weights and this seems to do the trick! The routines are short (less than 30 minutes) and easy to follow. More importantly, I can complete the routines in the comfort of my own home, any day, at any time.

  6. Nich

    This is the best run specific strength training you will find hands down. Not only is it good for running, it will benefit anyone that plays a sport that requires running or moving in multiple planes. The best deal is to sign up for the membership plan. At $10 per month you get the Base 6 core, running form instruction, and kettlebell series. Small price to pay, and you can stop at any time. I have done strength training as an athlete for nearly 40 years now. Believe me, this is a great program.

  7. Gitte Cecilie

    I just love the challenge the kettlebell swing around my body standing on one leg. So good for balance you need as a runner. Day #2

  8. Joe Levesque

    It was harder than I thought. Had to do workout 2 twice, to get the correct movements down. Realy enjoy the program.

  9. Nicole

    Short yet very effective workouts. Targets running specific muscles. I’ve never used kettle bells before but I will going forward. I would recommend getting two different weights of kettle bells to start. Great work outs.

  10. Gary Randolph

    I’ve learned that just running is not enough to build the form, strength, and balance I need in order to run my best. RunSmart Prime is the perfect addition to RunSmart’s other programs to build the functional strength necessary to not only improve running form and strength, but also develop balance and ensure injury prevention.

    This program begins with explanations of proper form in the use of kettlebells and some fairly easy exercises. But while the first workouts do not seem to be strenuous, I realized the next day that I had worked my back, hamstrings, and butt muscles.

    The program progresses to more strenuous workouts that take you to a higher level of strength, balance, and fitness. I absolutely feel the results on my runs! This is now a permanent part of my training plan.

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