Fast Over 40

$ 7.00

Calling all Masters Runners! This 50-minute seminar is for any runner, of any ability level, who is over the age of 40 and willing to learn some new tricks. Physical therapist and running expert, Steve Gonser PT DPT, will spill the beans on how you can avoid long term running injuries and maximize your speed.


Seminar Slides & Note Pages, Bonus Content

50-Minute Seminar


What Would It Do For Your Running If…

You could training more consistently with less interruption from injury. Imagine staring at that stat sheet and finally catching that elusive runner you’ve been eyeing for months… maybe years?

In this 50-minute seminar, physical therapist and running expert, Steve Gonser, will show you how to leverage your training to reel in runners at your next race, while staying injury-free for decades to come.

Here’s What You’ll Learn

  1. How and Where to Place Speed Workouts in Training to Maximize Effects and Minimize Risk
  2. Three Tiers to Consistent, Lifelong Running
  3. The Secret to Cross Training
  4. How to Prevent a Long Term Training Hiatus Due to Injury
  5. Avoiding Injury From Your Shoes

You can purchase this seminar online now, or sign up to start streaming it online today for only a dollar!

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