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Our RunSmart BaseSix Bootcamp is designed to promote strength and balance in runners. The program consists of 12, 30 minute video workouts and requires zero equipment. The program was designed by Physical Therapist, BQ-Runner, and Founder of Steve Gonser DPT.

This download includes 12 videos totaling roughly 6 hours. It’s not recommended for iPad or similar devices. For those looking to view on phones and tablets, you should consider our membership service that allows for streaming to any device.

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BaseSix Bootcamp is the number one program for runners to build strength and balance in key muscle groups that help fight and prevent injury. The exercises in BaseSix Bootcamp train movements—not muscles. This program was designed by physical therapist and multiple Boston Qualifier, Steve Gonser.

Program Details:

  1. Twelve Runner-Specific Strength Workouts
  2. No Equipment Required
  3. Each Workout Lasts 30 minutes
  4. All Workout Videos are Downloaded

How will BaseSix Help Your Running?

  1. Forges Stronger Hips to Protect the Hip, Knee, and Ankle
  2. Build Better Balance for Better Foot Control
  3. Strengthens Movement Patterns that are Specific to Running

Most runners are confused when it comes to the “what” and “how” behind their strength training. This program removes all your guesswork, simply press play and follow along. Simply perform BaseSix Bootcamp twice a week for six weeks and build stronger, faster running performances. Buy our BaseSix Bootcamp program online now, or sign up to start streaming it online today for only a dollar!

7 reviews for BaseSix Bootcamp

  1. Eric Reynolds

    Came across RunSmart while online and so glad I did. Incorporated the base six workouts in my upcoming half marathon training and felt much more stable through my core after just the first two weeks. The workouts target and strengthen exactly what a runner needs to perform at a higher level. I was hoping to go under 1:40:00 for the first time and not only did I do that and PR but crushed it in 1:36:40! Couldn’t be happier with my progress and look forward to improving even more through the Run Smart Online’s programs. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise.

  2. Carol Nash

    Found this site on a wild search for anything that would help me re-enter running again after an injury in ’09. With arthritis in lower back and on ball of foot, Runsmart has helped me with great support and daily tools to put that 1st 10k in the bag! BaseSix will work the whole body. The strength and balancing exercises especially, will help any level runner. I didn’t think I would run again never mind a 10k. I’m still challenged, but if I do the work and continue to use this information I might even get to the half!

  3. Mike Haydon

    After feeling great then bombing out in the final 10k of a marathon I noticed schocking form on the video of me crossing the finishing line. In desperation to correct that I stumbled across an article on RunSmartOnline that described perfectly what my problem was and how to fix it. I immediately signed up for the BaseSix Bootcamp, have been doing the exercises every second day and my strength, form and speed are all picking up dramatically. This is a brutal workout for me and I’m still trying to complete Day 2! Phenomenal program from a great instructor. So glad I found you guys!

  4. Gordon Bolles

    I have been using the Base Six bootcamp videos since 2011 and have found great personal growth as a runner and as an athelte in general. The series works in a systematic way to improve muscle chains in the sagittal, transverse and frontal planes. This provides the “missing piece” many runners may lack

  5. Mitchell George

    After two consecutive stress fractures during the peak of training for marathons, I knew something had to change. I used your advice on running form, burned my copy of Born to Run, and started the RS program as I began training again. As the mileage built up and the weeks of the RS program clicked by, I could feel a the difference. The result? I made it to the starting line of a marathon for the first time in 2 1/2 years, but more than that, I PR’d and achieved my first Boston Qualifying Time!!!! Your advice and RS program had me running injury free, stronger and faster.

  6. James Nason

    Have just completed the 12 day BaseSix bootcamp, and have been blown away by the difference the workouts have made. I stumbled across RunSmart Online while searching for advice/solutions to a shin splint problem that emerged after returning to long-distance running earlier this year. Wasn’t sure if it would work but desperate for an answer I bit the bullet and bought the 12 day package. So happy I did. The workouts are easy to follow, easy to do at home and have made a huge difference to my leg strength and overall running. Shin splint issue has all but disappeared. At over 40 I now feel I’m running more strongly than I was 10 years ago. Thanks Steve, this has been a great program.

  7. Rob Ward

    Your BaseSix programme provided me with the essential foundation for improving my running form after a series of nasty injuries. For that, I am incredibly grateful.

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