Avoiding Injury Meltdown

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This seminar guide aims to provide you with a logical, safe progression to significantly reduce the turnaround from injury. I want you to reduce your chance of long term injury so that you can train more consistently.

Without consistency you can’t improve; you can’t get faster. The purpose of this guide is to supplement the 30-minute online seminar.


Key Seminar Slides, Injury Blueprint & More

30-Minute Seminar


Few things are more disheartening than watching your “goal race” slip through your fingers due to injury. While it’s nearly impossible to not get injured, you can make them happen less often. This seminar outlines system, or protocol, that has been developed across thousands of treatments sessions with my patients who love to run. It goes through five main steps.

The Five Main Steps

  1. How to Recognize Injury
  2. Institute Low Load Cross Training
  3. Test Your Readiness to Run
  4. Perform a Trial Run
  5. One Week Rebuild

You can purchase this seminar online now, or sign up to start streaming it online today for only a dollar!

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3 reviews for Avoiding Injury Meltdown

  1. Emily Averty Garzarelli

    Steve, on behalf of my family and I, thank you for your “avoid injury meltdown” protocol. I have been of the road for a little over a week but completed the 10 minute run today without shin pain! This all happened because I broke the cycle and stopped before my pain was over a 3. For a week I have been cross training, not losing my mind (this is where my family is grateful!) because I had a plan. I felt confident that although I was in a little pain I didn’t do too much damage, therefore I would be back on the road. Thank you!!

  2. David Thesell‎

    Very grateful for the Injury Meltdown Protocol. Having a plan to come back from my 3.5 month plantar fasciitis layoff is a blessing. Following the protocol, I’m up to 25 minutes on the run and feel fine.

  3. Caren Landrum

    The RunSmartOnline “Avoiding Injury Meltdown” Protocol is a game changer. Following the program has allowed me to be patient and accept feedback with my injury, takes the guess work out of the picture so I can make adjustments and avoid recovery mistakes. I can follow the steps and feel confident and not anxious. I’m hooked!

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