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Pricing & Group Dicounts

The following is a list of individual and group pricing. Please note that group discounts are not available at Authorized Video Collection Sites. Each analysis includes a customized DVD of your performance with added drills and exercises.

Individual Buffalo Rehab Group LocationPurchase >>

The pricing at our Buffalo Rehab Group location is slighlty higher in cost due to the one on one interaction you will receive with this session. You will work with a staff member to get your questions answered and to review drills and exercises to improve run form. Another added benefit of this location is that we will capture the end result of the session and show you how you've improved.

  • Regular Price: $279
  • Checkers / BTC: $249
  • Prior Patient: $249

Group Discounts

This option is available for groups of friends, running clubs, and teams. RunSmart will travel to your local team (up to 2 hours) and teach your team how to improve their running mechanics ($249). Group discounts are also available for online uploads (Single $199). Grab some friends and start recording!

  • Groups >5 (10% off each)
  • Groups >10 (20% off each)

Authorized Video Collection SitesPurchase >>

Not tech savvy? Contact an Authorized Video Collection Site and they'll handle the rest! Currently, no discounts are offered at these sites.

  • Price: $199
  • View Locations >