Hi, my name is Steve Gonser.

I’m a Physical Therapist who has a passion for running and helping runners train smarter, run consistently, and prevent injury.  I’m also blessed with an amazing family that includes two beautiful children, an amazingly wife, and a crazy pup – Winston.

Like many, my running career didn’t start as a young age – it developed after a string of injuries that re-focused my priorities.

Growing up in a small town outside Buffalo, NY, my athletic career revolved around either chasing or throwing a ball.  Running was considered a punishment for missing a block or dropping a catch.  

Transitioning to higher education, I pursued a passion for sports and science, making the decision to dedicate my career to Physical Therapy.  

While attending Daemen College in New York, I needed to scratch a competitive itch.  I found it in our “bad news bears” rugby team.

My participation was forty pounds ago and ultimately what lead to the start of my running career.  After a string of concussions, I hung up my cleats for running shoes.

Running began as a love-hate relationship, but slowly evolved. In 2008 I signed up for my first marathon, the Buffalo Marathon. Completely underprepared, I dragged myself to the finish line a little over four hours.

Convinced I could do better — and following the same training – I ran the Niagara Falls International Marathon that fall. The result?  The exact same time and struggle, plus a bonus trip to the medical tent.

These two races showed me that running is more than putting one foot in front of the other.

Graduating with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy in 2009, I began dedicating my life to the science and mechanics of running at Buffalo Rehab Group. My hope was to carve out a niche that could help runners recover from injury faster, but also train smarter, run consistently, and prevent injury.

After applying the best practices and research to my own training, I started found results that would eventually translate across all age-group runners.

My two four-hour marathons began to get faster, peaking at a 2:51 at Grandma’s Marathon and was highlighted with six-straight Boston Marathon qualifying runs.

The foundation of my training focused on training smarter – not harder.  Slowly, word spread and runners locally and a few from across the country started to get results using my training principles.  As the coaching requests began to build, I looked for a solution to help as many runners as possible.  With that, RunSmart was born.

What initially started as a self-coded and funded website, has transitioned in 2020 to a full-service app and website to provide everything runners need to train smarter, run more consistently, and prevent injury – without the high monthly cost of a coach, trainer, or gym.

Today, RunSmart continues to thrive inside running communities and aims to improve and expand services that help both new and experienced runners run, train, and feel their best.

All the best,

Steve Gonser PT DPT
Founder of RunSmart Online