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Are you ready to improve your running performance and reduce your risk of injury?

In this video, Physical Therapist Steve Gonser teaches you the ins and outs of midfoot running. With midfoot running, you can improve your shock absorption, reduce braking forces, and become more efficient on your runs.

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Hey! I’m Steve

Physical Therapist, running coach, and 6X Boston Qualifier. 

I have dedicated my career to helping runners to run faster, stay injury-free & set new PRs. 

In all my years as a Physical Therapist and running coach, here’s what I realized: 

The best results and fewest injuries happen when runners have the right systems, exercises, and structure for their training. 

That’s why I created RunSmart.  

I wanted my training to be accessible to any runner looking to run fast & injury-free while saving time and money. 

With RunSmart, you can access the entire training program I use with runners in my practice – WITHOUT THE COPAY. 

There’s no better time to train for more speed and fewer injuries. 

I look forward to helping you hit all your running goals! 

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