Run Fast.
Start to Finish.

With Kneed for Speed

Learn how to run faster & unlock more speed in your running – without training harder or running more.

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Bye Bye, Shuffling!

Scuffing and low swinging feet are the enemy.  Kneed for Speed fixes it and teaches you how to unlock more speed, & run faster – even when you’re tired.


Hello, PRs!

Leverage what the pro’s already know – opening your stride is the secret to turning on your glutes, traveling further on each step, and running faster when tired.  Kneed for Speed will show you how.


Hello, PRs!

Leverage what the pro’s already know – opening your stride is the secret to turning on your glutes, traveling further on each step, and running faster when tired.  Kneed for Speed will show you how.


“Is my Garmin drunk?

Either my Garmin is drunk, or I took 6 minutes off my 5k, and I wasn’t trying… I’ll take it!”

– Kristin

Join Kneed for Speed.


“Is my Garmin drunk?

Either my Garmin is drunk, or I took 6 minutes off my 5k, and I wasn’t trying… I’ll take it!”

– Kristin


Open Your Stride.
Not Overstride.

Do you struggle to finish runs and races strong? 

You know the feeling… Your legs are heavy and feels like you’re running in sand. 

Each mile is increasingly more difficult as you shuffle and scuff your way to the finish. Each beep of your watch confirms you’re officially on the struggle bus. . 

Maybe you hang on to hit your goal – or maybe it slips away. Either way, your runs don’t have to finish this way.


The wheels don’t have to fall off.

There’s a way to run fast & have complete pace control – even when you’re tired.


The secret lies in your run form.

If you want to run fast start to finish, you need to break away from shuffling and muscling yourself to the finish line.


The wheels don’t have to fall off.

There’s a way to run fast & have complete pace control – even when you’re tired.


The secret lies in
your run form.

If you want to run fast start to finish, you need to break away from shuffling and muscling yourself to the finish line.

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What You Need is Knee Drive.

Knee drive is the number one way for runners to control their pace and run faster – even when they’re tired. It allows runners to open their stride and 

  • Run from your glutes & core for more power, speed, & control 
  • Travel further with each stride 
  • Break away from shuffling & scuffing that drags down your pace 
  • Fights back against fatigue so you can maintain your pace 

Knee drive is more than butt kicks & slinging your knee forward. 

It requires flexibility, strength, and the habits to sustain it throughout a run or race. 

Each component is critical and without them, you will WASTE energy, increase fatigue, and risk injury. 


That’s why Kneed for Speed exists.

To teach runners how to transform their run form to run faster –
without training harder or running more.


Kneed for Speed RUN FORM BOOT CAMP

Only $147*

Total Value: $1,311!

*Save $50 Through July 09


What is Kneed for Speed?

It's Your Ticket to Running Faster

Kneed for Speed is a four week run form boot camp with everything you need to run faster without having to train harder or run more miles.

It's Expert Support

You’ll get additional support through weekly LIVE group coaching Q&A calls with Steve Gonser & Patrick O’Connor, two Physical Therapists who have developed this program and helped thousands of runners make this change in their running.

It's Actionable

Get all the training you need condensed into weekly videos, audio runs, drills, and exercises. 

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Included in this program:

  • NFour weeks of video training that outlines the step-by-step process to improve your run form
  • NStretches & Exercises to fix areas that stop you from running fast
  • NDrills that fix bad habits and put you in control of your pace
  • NWeekly audio runs & Q&As that make learning simple
  • NLifetime access to go at your own pace (pun intended) or review in the future.

Run Faster in 30 Days!

Join Kneed for Speed.

Only $147!*

*Save $50 Through July 09

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Here’s How it Works


Join the Class of 2022 that begins on July 31, 2022 and learn from Steve Gonser PT DPT!

Steve teaches you how to tweak your run form so you can run faster without running more miles or training harder. 

Program includes lifetime access to training & content.


For four straight weeks, Steve Gonser and the RunSmart team will deliver all the drills, training, and exercises to improve your running form and foot strike.

The “homework” takes as little as 30 minutes and most of it can be practices WHILE YOU RUN.


Kneed for Speed is a 4-week run form bootcamp that provides you a proven, step-by-step system to improving your run form.

Weekly training videos and guides are sent every Sunday to set you up for the week.


Throughout the 4-week program, Physical Therapists Steve Gonser and Patrick O’Connor will be available daily to answer your questions.

The team also provides weekly LIVE Q&A sessions to enhance the training and help you on the journey

Get Everything You Need to Run Faster in 30 Days!

$399 VALUE!
4 weeks of video training with Steve Gonser & Patrick O’Connor

Every week during Kneed for Speed, you’ll be given all the drills, exercises, and training that you’ll need to complete to transition to stop shuffling and scuffing… and finally learn how to open your stride and run faster.

WEEK ONE:  Speed Prep

If you’re going to run faster, you need to be working with the right equipment.  In week one you’ll be learning how to start transforming your running, but you’ll also learn stretches and exercises to help support your new run form.

WEEK TWO: Building the Habit

Learn how to build a strong habit that will carry you through the long runs and harder efforts.  This is the first stepping stone to learn how use your new form during races and long/harder runs.

WEEK THREE:  Stop Errors, Perfect Your Form

Most runners make common errors when trying to learn this new way to run. Week 3 is all about addressing these errors to make sure you learn the proper way.  Includes a live Q&A session, explanations, drills, and exercises.

WEEK FOUR:  Racing and Training

In week four, Patrick and Steve will teach you how to run faster at will.  You’ll learn how to fight back against tired legs and keep your pace, even when your legs grow heavy and tired.

$199 VALUE!
Your Run Form Training Guide Will Have Everything You Need to Stop Shuffling

When you join Kneed for Speed today (for just $147) you’ll get immediate access to the training guide & your bonus seminars.

Thr Kneed for Speed Training Guide is your companion to the 4-week program. Inside your workbook, you’ll be able to quickly reference your homework and training

Each work-page in the workbook has:

The exact drills you need to learn how to open your stride and unlock speed.

 The exercises we use to help runners open their hips, improve their flexibility, and strengthen key muscles for improved run form

 A calendar and guide to track your progress and remind you of what you need to complete to stop shuffling.

 A WEEKLY training video that will teach you how to improve your running form… and how to avoid common errors.

Consider this your guide that spells out everything you need to do each week, so you have it all in ONE organized area, and can stay on track!

$399 VALUE!
Get a chance to receive expert guidance from Pat & Steve

Kneed for Speed is like having Steve Gonser and Patrick O’Connor as your own personal run coaches!

The only difference is that you couldn’t buy a 1 hour coaching call with any of us for $147.

In fact, right now the CHEAPEST you can hire Pat or I for a Run Analysis is to “pick my brain” is $299 per session.

So, to get 4-weeks with both of us, for just $147 is a steal!

$99 VALUE!
Take your coach with you on your run

Imagine having Steve Gonser with you on your run – coaching you through your new run form.  With the weekly audio runs, you can!

Listen to Steve every week as he guides and cues you through the changes to overhaul your run form.


You Get These FREE BONUSES When you Join Kneed for Speed!

$17 VALUE!
How to Run Faster When Your Legs Scream to Stop

If you struggle with shuffling, finishing races strong, or running even, then my Finish Strong eBook can help you. This eBook will teach you how to leverage your running form when racing and on long runs to keep pace and prevent slow downs.

You’ll also recieve the video presentation of FINISH STRONG– How to Run Faster When Your Legs Scream to Stop. Learn from Steve himself about how to get more from your running with these bonuses!

$99 VALUE!
Video Seminar

Dust off your foam roller and Join Steve Gonser as he teaches you how to target key muscle groups. 

$99 VALUE!
How to Run Faster Even When Your Legs are Tired

This FREE BONUS seminar will teach you three things you can do while running to prevent slowing on race day or in training.


Run Faster in 30 Days!

Join Kneed for Speed.

Only $147*

Total Value: $1,311!

*Normally $197, Save $50 Through July 09

Steve running marathon

Get off the Struggle Bus And
Run Strong to the Finish!


Here Are Some Common Questions

When does the program start?

Kneed for Speed begins on Sunday, July 31, 2022.  At 6AM EST your first training arrives in your email and continues every Sunday for FOUR WEEKS.

How long do I have access for?

You get lifetime access! You can start and revisit the training at any point after July 31, 2022.

Do I need any special equipment?

No. The exercises and training is intended to be done at home without the use of exercise equipment.

How much time do I need each week?

Time commitment for this program is between 30 and 60 minutes per week for four weeks.  Most of the run form training is completed while you’re out running — which means you can practice without adding more to your schedule.

Is this good for triathletes?

Learning what is taught in Kneed for Speed is AMAZING for triathletes.  By learning to improve your running form you’ll be able to avoid the “dead leg” feeling that is accompanied with poor running form and shuffling.  We will teach you how to carry a similar form from biking to running, which means you’ll be able to feel fresher and faster off the bike.

Can I join if I'm training for a race?
Absolutely!  In fact, this program is great to learn through a training cycle. By practicing during your long runs and workouts, you’ll be ready use this on race day!


What if I decide this training isn't right for me?

No worries! There is a 7-day money-back guarantee! 


Signup Includes Lifetime Access


Complete the program with the group — or work it around your schedule.


Repeat weeks or revisit training at a later date for a refresher


Program starts July 31st, but you can start anytime that works for you.

Run Faster in 30 Days!

Join Kneed for Speed.

Only $147!*

*Normally $197, Save $50 Through July 09

Led by Physical Therapists and Coaches Steve Gonser and Patrick O’Connor, Kneed for Speed is designed to teach you how to open your stride, stop shuffling, and run faster.


Steve Gonser graduated with his Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Daemen College, instantly applying his knowledge of human movement and functional anatomy to his passion for running.

Along with Patrick O’Connor, Steve founded RunSmart Online after finding countless runners getting injured and being disappointed on race day due to their training.

Steve developed many of the principles and training after running his way down from a 4:06 marathon to 2:51.

Steve is a 2x Ironman, including a 10:41 finish in Lake Placid and a 6X Sub-3 hour marathoner.


Patrick is a father of four and graduate of Ithaca College’s Physical Therapy Program, where he also earned his degree in Exercise Science.

Patrick’s credentials include Certified by the McKenzie Institute in Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment of Spinal Disorders, Certified Orthopedic Specialist, GIFT Fellowship program through the Gray Institute in Applied Functional Science.

As a runner, Patrick has several collegiate school and cross country conference course records. He has raced competitively for over 35 years, has 11 years of coaching experience, and his passion for running and treating runners continues as he consults and analyzes runners from across the country.

A note from Physical Therapist Steve Gonser PT DPT

Despite my “fast” times and PR’s, I know how frustrating it is to train for months, only to see your race (and legs) blow up.  The struggle is real.

And while there’s no promises that things will go your way on race day, you can stack the deck in your favor.

That’s exactly what Kneed for Speed teaches.  In just 30 days, you can learn how to break away from shuffling and other flaws that slow you down in training and on race day.

You can run faster – even when you’re tired.

Let us show you how.

Only $147!

Price Increases by $50 in:









Ready for Negative Splits?

There’s something special about finishing a run strong. Whether you’re reeling in runners on your way to a PR, or seeing your pace per mile or kilometer steady, or even drop, as head towards the finish. 

This program won’t be run again until 2023!

We offer a 7 Day Money Back Guarantee, so joining is Risk-Free!



Only $147!*

Save $50 this week only! Usually $197!