Improve My Run Form Training Course

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Why Better Run Form?

Most sports aim for efficiency. Golfers tweak their swing, pitchers work on their mechanics, and well… runners seem to just run more. Improving your run form offers two significant advantages:
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Healthy Running

Better run form harnesses your body’s natural ability to shock absorb and has been proven in literature to decrease the loading rate on your knees. If you’re looking to spend more time on the road than on the sideline due to injury, you’re in the right place.
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Run Faster

Most runners either heel strike or toe strike. While one equates to braking on every step, the other launches you in the air. Either way, both ways are ineffective. Steve’s online run form course will teach you everything you need to know for improving your running.

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Here’s How You Do It

Watch Physical therapist and running expert, Steve Gonser’s run form training videos. Steve will teach you his four main pillars of improving run form, including the “why” behind each change, the drills, and the exercises to perfect your run form. All videos are accessed OnDemand, from any device.

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Mastering a Midfoot Strike to Prevent “Tapping the Brakes”
Owning a Knee Drive to Open Your Stride
Running from the Trunk, Not the Feet with “Top-Down” Running
Leaning with the Hips to Harness Gravity’s Free Speed Effect
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$1 Two Week Trial | Cancel Anytime | $15/mo After Trial


What’s Included:

Get OnDemand streaming access to over 30 training videos. Steve will lead you through the four pillars to improving the way you run. The program provides all drills, exercises, stretches, and cues to make sure your changes stick. You’ll learn how to form better habits for lasting results on the road.

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$1 Two Week Trial | Cancel Anytime | $15/mo After Trial

Also Included


BaseSix Bootcamp

Our RunSmart BaseSix Bootcamp is designed to promote strength and balance in runners. The program consists of 12, 30 minute video workouts and requires zero equipment. The program was designed by Physical Therapist, BQ-Runner, and Founder of Steve Gonser DPT.


RunSmart Yoga

RunSmart Yoga was specifically designed with you in mind. The movements and postures flow in a way to target common tightness and muscle imbalance found in runners. RunSmart Yoga isn’t about static posturing filled with ‘om’ chants. You’ll quickly learn how much you can accomplish in these short workouts. Bring your A-game.


RunSmart PRIME

PRIME is a six week, 12 workout kettlebell strength program for runners. Designed by physical therapist Steve Gonser, PRIME will help you improve your balance, strength, and endurance–allowing you to run faster, stronger, and with less injury.

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Better Your Best

$1 Two Week Trial | Cancel Anytime | $15/mo After Trial

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