Glute & Hip Warm-Up

Steve Gonser PT DPT, Sept 2021


Glute & Hip Warm-Up

Steve Gonser PT DPT, Sept 2021

Do you require a few miles to work through soreness and stiffness?

If so, the execise below can help you wake up sleepy muscles and prep your body for a great run!

Stiffness and soreness are common amongst runners.  It’s often a sign that your body asking for help.

Here’s the thing:
Sore and stiff areas are not usually the problem — they are only the symptom.

A variety of symptoms, from stiffness and soreness to pain and discomfort, often develop due to compensation.

Most often, the compensations – or imbalances – develop from weakness or lacking flexibility.

That’s why I love the exercise below. Not only does it target key areas of weakness and tightness most runners struggle with, but it helps prep the body for a run where you can feel great.

Give 20 reps on each side and see how you feel on your next run.

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