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You have a choice of one of two popular seminars conducted by Physical Therapist and running expert, Steve Gonser. After registration, you will receive a link to download the seminar you selected.
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Hip Strength Secrets

Normally $29.99

This 45 minute videocast will jump into the new ways we look at strengthening. Long gone are the days of of generic, non-runner based strength programs. Steve will demonstrate common exercises he uses to treat patients everyday, while discussing the “why.” Learn by doing in this interactive seminar.

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Stretching Secrets for Runners

Normally $29.99

The days of reaching for your toes, standing on slant boards or chasing your foot around your head are over. This 40 minute seminar aims to teach you stretching techniques that are specifically designed to mimic the running motion. These stretches are used daily by our staff to help runners improve mobility, fight injury, and run faster.

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