Watch this Runner Open Her Stride to Run Faster


Over the past few weeks I’ve covered less common topics when it comes to run form: upper body movement and opening your stride.

And while most of the glory in the run form falls around foot strike, these other two areas are extremely important in helping you run faster with fewer injuries.

If you haven’t taken a peak at my last video (found here) on opening your stride using my “Figure-4” drill, then stop and go check that out.

Below, I show you what it looks like when you learn to open your stride using my Figure-4 drill. You tell me… what runner would you like to be?

Here’s the tricky part for most…

It’s tough to know how to transform you running when you’re not sure how to go about it. Again, upper body and trunk rotation are one of many items that you should consider — some of them are strictly for speed, others for injury prevention, and some influence both.

But, it’s what we’ve been doing here at RunSmart Online for the last decade. What originally started locally in our Physical Therapy offices, has helped runners now from across the globe identify key factors in their running that:

  1. Make you feel stiff and uncordinated
  2. Shuffling and scuffing
  3. Under performing on race day
  4. Injuries that derail training

If you’re a runner with big goals in the next year, I encourage you to check out this ONCE A YEAR offer to save 20% on our run form analysis.

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