Training Plans: How to Reduce Injury Risk & Overtraining


Are you planning on training and running a race in 2021?  If so, please read this email.

Here’s why:
As a Physical Therapist, I see a lot of training plans. 

Some plans are designed by coaches, while others choose the DIY spreadsheet.

Of the runners hobbling into my clinic, I can confidently tell you that most runners are missing ONE THING in their training plans that can:

  1. Keep them injury-free
  2. Running their best

I use this ONE THING in the training plans found in the RunSmart App.

It’s partly why we continuity get results like this for our runners:

julie running a full marathon PR

So what is the ONE THING every training plan needs to give you the best shot of setting a PR and avoiding injury?

It’s the 2:1 principle.

Most training plans don’t allow enough time for recovery.  This problem amplifies if you’re over the age of 50.

The 2:1 principle is simple.

For every two weeks, you build, you should recover for one week at 60% of your max mileage (km).

Here’s an example. Say you’re running a half marathon plan that maxes out at 30 miles or kilometers per week.

Your plan would look something like this:

Every third week drops to 18 miles (km).

This 60% drop has two main benefits.

First, it offers you the ability to decrease your risk of injury by providing more recovery weeks. Training plans often build too quickly, for too long, and fail to drop enough in distance during periods of recovery.

It’s important to note:   the recovery weeks are still quality training weeks. You can mix in workouts, tempo, and easy runs.

Second, the 2:1 principle provides a mental edge when balancing work, family, and training.

Throughout your training, you’ll either be coming off a recovery week or going into one.  I find this often gives runners the “just go get it done” attitude when they feel pinched for balancing their time.

While the 2:1 principle is something I strongly include in your own training, many other factors contribute to your success.

  • pacing
  • how you structure your speed workouts,
  • strength training
  • your taper (and more)

That’s why I developed a completely custom tool to build and customize your training plan.

I call it “The Gonser Method” and it’s found inside the RunSmart App.

Inside the RunSmart App, you get:

  • Instant and 24/7 access to your training plan on your phone through the RunSmart App.
  • A complete plan that includes distances, mileage, and paces so you recover faster, perform better, and minimize injury.
  • The ability to adjust your goals, swap days, and even change your paces.
  • A full plan look-ahead to what’s coming to avoid surprises and plan your running and lift together.
  • Integrated strength training and recovery workouts to keep you feeling fresh, fast, and injury-free on the roads.
  • Avoid over-training in the heat — we pull your local weather and adjust your plan accordingly for warm days.
  • Proven principles that help runners get to the start line fast and injury-free

This is all included without expensive coaching, trainers, or gym fees.

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