Running Form to Avoid “The Wall!”

Most runners are shuffler and scuffers by nature. And those who aren’t? They usually adopt this run form when they are fatigued later in a run or race.

The trouble with shuffling is that it slows you down.

And after weeks and months of training for a single race, it stinks to see it all fall apart because of your running form.

Over the last decade as a Physical Therapist and run coach (and runner myself), I have found that runners can actually fight back against “the wall” and a late race or run collapse.

By shifting away form shuffling, runners can finally have a tactic in their back pocket that will help them run faster and even sustain their pace when they get tired.

If you’re a runner is looking to break away from shuffling and stop succumbing to slower paces mile after mile, then check out this upcoming program:

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