Run Form – It’s More Than Footstrike


There’s a little-known secret about running form.

Most runners think of run form as:

  • Footstrike
  • Cadence
  • Arm position
  • Leaning

As a Physical Therapist, I always work on these areas with my patients and clients.  However, I always address another aspect of running form.

The secret spot?
Strength and flexibility.

Strength and flexibility are typically associated with injury prevention, but they have a role in running form.

If you feel stiff, sore, or imbalanced running, this could be the secret to help you.

Through strength and flexibility, running form can feel stronger, looser, and more balanced.

Just like Sarah, who posted this monster PR only two weeks ago:

Full disclosure:
Sarah’s 25-minutes PR and not always typical (or possible).

I find that running smoother and faster can be accomplished by improving your strength and flexibility.

Here’s a deeper look at strength and flexibility:

Ready to get started?
Most often, I start runners with single-leg strength training.

Single-leg strength exercises provide the most significant boost to run form.  They fix imbalances between the left and right sides while targeting multiple areas of the body (all in one exercise).

The exercises work great in a warm-up and cool down — so they are easy to fit into a busy schedule. 

When paired with the common areas of run form (foot strike, arm position, etc), runners feel a drastic difference.

Typically, “Smoother,” “Stronger,” and “More balanced” is what I hear.

Now is a great time to get started on these items — and I want to help you make the change.

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  • Complete frame-by-frame analysis with voice over to help you understand what you can to help your running.
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  • Your analysis is conducted by a Physical Therapist who knows running.
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If you’re frustrated by your running form or just looking to get faster, stronger, and smoother, this is the perfect opportunity to get started.

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