Week 3

Week three starts to address a common problem with heel strikers. This is the tendency to over-stride and break forward momentum incorporating a slight forward lean in week three allows the body to harness the power of gravity.

Goals for Week Three

Begin incorporating a forward lean and reduce over-striding
Use a slight lean to reduce bouncing while running
Use lean to leverage gravity in your stride
Reduce over-striding to convert from a pull to a push
Reduce over-striding to find the ideal lower leg set-up
Running Midfoot with Forward Lean at Week Three

The goal for week three is to find the “sweet spot” in your forward lean. The lean will improve speed and help reduce the tendency to over-striding and heel-strike.

Below is a chart to track your Week Three runs. Feel free to run as you normally would at this time of the year. It should not interrupt your current training.