Week 2

In the second week, we introduce additional muscles “up the chain” at the knee and the hip. The addition of the knee and the hip puts “friends and helpers” into the total volume of muscles that can absorb the impact forces when running.

Goals for Week Two

Use “friends and helpers”. Hint: your hips/core/knee musculature
Prep support (friends) to help reduce strain on calfs
Engage supporting muscles further up the body
Avoid running only from knees down
Progress midfoot strike per protocol
Running Midfoot at Week Two

Be sure to monitor any new aches and pains. If worsening, adjust appropriately and decrease reps or frequency of performing the exercise. If you have questions, please post them to our Facebook Group

At this point in training, the midfoot strike still feels awkward and less natural than your old way of running. Stick with it! You’ll need the full five weeks to build and reinforce the habit.