Week 1

The first week is geared towards preparing your anatomy for transitioning off your heel and onto the midfoot. This is important, as a midfoot landing allows the body to absorb the forces or run better.

Using the musculature of the foot, ankle, knee, and hip in contrast to your bones can make all the difference when you’re looking to stay on the road and out of the doc’s office.

Goals for Week One

Prepare anatomy for mid-foot transition to avoid excessive soreness
Prep calves to sustain midfoot for the long haul
Strengthen foot muscles and improve balance
Stretch foot/ankle to relieve soreness associated with change
Start 15-30 sec. mid-foot progression to begin learning new landing
Running Midfoot at Week One

Weeks one and two are all about prepping your right and left calf for the new landing style.

The goal for week one is to start to slow with only 30 to 60 seconds per mile as a midfoot strike. If you transition away from your heel too quickly, it will leave you too sore for your upcoming runs.

Below is a chart to track your Week One run. Feel free to run as you normally would at this time of the year. It should not interrupt your current training.