Are you struggling with overstriding or other run-form issues that slow you down or cause injuries?

The Midfoot Project, led by physical therapist Steve Gonser, is designed to help runners like you! This five-week boot camp targets overstriding and helps improve overall run form, ensuring a smoother and safer running experience.

The Midfoot Project is perfect for runners who overstride and heelstrike but also for runners looking to make minor tweaks or improvements in their form.

Throughout five weeks, participants will receive comprehensive training to change their run form and support it with targeted exercises.

The program includes the following:

Weekly drills.
A printable PDF guide.
Weekly audio runs that allow you to bring Steve’s expert guidance with you on the go.
With the Midfoot Project, you’ll dive deep into overhauling your run form to eliminate overstriding, improve speed, and prevent injuries.

If you’re ready to elevate your running performance and protect your body, don’t wait – join the Midfoot Project today!