Phase VI – Thinking About The Long Game

When to Include BaseSix Day 11 and 12: BaseSix Day 11 and 12 are deemed ‘combo days’ that include much of what you have already learned. If you feel you need more work on prior days, take them. Day 11 and 12 can be paired with an easy or rest day. Never perform these workouts within two days prior to your long run. Give yourself a full day after a hard workout or long run, too. Looking Ahead: As you look beyond Phase IV, BaseSix Days 11 and 12 are great workouts that encompass many aspects of the program. I’d highly recommend revisiting them a few times a month.
Once completed, look to the following days for targeted strengthening: Day 3-4 (Core), Day 5 (Hips), and Day 7 (Foot and Ankle). I’d also recommend progressing into new realms, including RunSmart Yoga. Generally, I recommend that you spend a significant amount of time building strength between races. A minimum of one day of BaseSix Bootcamp will help fight injury.