Phase VI – Move Your Body!

The shoulder clock is a great exercise to combat thoracic spine tightness. If you have a desk job, this exercise is for you. It will help you get your shoulders churning opposite your hips. Let’s face it. Our postures are awful. Sure, some are more awful than others, but even those who are sticklers about the way they sit are still forcing themselves into poor positioning. Regardless of good or bad posture, the hips and spine are forced to flex. Selective tightness through the hips and thoracic spine (mid back) can limit your ability to rotate, effectively dampening your ability to generate torque.
Repetitions: 10 Each Side – No Hold at End
Range Best Performed: Following a Workout or Warm Up
Notes: Be sure to keep your knee down and exhale at the end of your range
Perform: 2-3x/week or as needed