Phase VI – How To Use Your Arms

This training covers incorporating arm movement into runs: Utilize the ‘Bird Run’ Drill to force your trunk rotation. The Bird Run Drill can be utilized both during warm-up or cool-down. During a run, a quick 10 seconds of execution can initiate the motion, then it’s up to you to sustain it. Feel the trunk motion as you perform the drill. About: Just like before, autopilot is the enemy. Rewiring your neuromuscular system takes time. Plan on four weeks of consistent execution before the new movement transforms into the norm. Utilizing trunk rotation can pay off huge in the later stages of races or when climbing a hill. Your upper body and lower body look to each other for technique. When one fails you can utilize the other to churn out a consistent speed. It just so happens that the legs generally tire first. When attempting to fight through fatigue, utilize a strong and consistent trunk rotation to pace the legs. This is a great way to hold pace and cadence.