Phase VI – A Whole Body Change

Phase IV incorporates the utilization of trunk rotation to generate torque. When we run, walk, swing a club, or throw, our upper body rotates opposite of our lower body. This opposite rotation engages crucial core muscles that stabilize your pelvis, hips, and spine. When you stop your upper body from rotating, you’re actually fighting your natural motion, producing less torque, and taking our bigger/strong muscles completely out of the equation. Now here’s the catch– Your trunk should perform the rotation. A mobile thoracic spine is key to performing this correctly and enjoying the benefits during your next run.
In Phase IV you will:
1. GENERATE TORQUE. Through the emphasis on your natural motion, you’ll learn how to leverage yourself into stronger running.
2. GET STRONGER. Wrapping up BaseSix will challenge you based on everything you’ve learned thus far.
3. FIGHT LEG FATIGUE. Improving your arm position and trunk rotation can help you grind out the late stages of your race.