Phase III – We’re Almost There

This training incorporates BaseSix Days 9 and 10, which are going to continue to push your limits of coordination, strength, and balance. Our body moves in three planes: sagittal, frontal, and transverse. For the most part, running is purely sagittal, or the plane that includes forward and back movement.
While this is fairly accurate, the muscles responsible for the other two planes, frontal (side to side) and transverse (twisting), play a large role in the purity of our forward (sagittal) motion. Most running injuries result from excessive frontal and transverse plane motion.
The muscles responsible for controlling the transverse plane include your glutes and lower leg muscles. So while running is thought of as a sagittal plane activity, the frontal and transverse planes cannot be neglected. BaseSix Days 9 and 10 will test you in multi-plane movements. You’ll be testing your limits to control your frontal and transverse plane movements. Expect some soreness and a little frustration as the movements can appear complex during the first go around.