Phase III – How Far Do I Lean?

Finding a good forward lean is tough. Remember, we are not leaning from our toes, but our hips. Utilizing a lean from the hips will look and feel more like running while improving hip activation and decreasing the torque on your knee. To find your lean stand straight with your knees locked. Then, unlock your knees and tip forward from your hip. Hinging from the hip equates to keeping the spine straight and gently sliding your butt backward. You should feel that your low back remains slightly arched. You’ll want to feel the position. Feeling the position equates to being comfortable and knowing the sweet spot of the position. Practicing the position statically on both feet, progressing to one foot, will help you apply it when you’re running. Ultimately, the key here is to avoid movement of the spine, flexing through the hip.
1. FOCUS ON STAYING “SMALL.” A bent joint is one that can produce force.
2. LEAN FROM THE HIPS. A small drive backward from the buttocks will allow you to flex from the hip, not the spine.
3. LEANING FROM THE TOES. Don’t bother. It’s not ideal, nor realistic. It’s all about hip lean.