Phase III – Congrats!

Phase III is drawing to a close, but make no mistake, leaning can provide tremendous value in your training and racing. It’s important to remember your checklist. Know it and own it. Your old habits will die hard, particularly in the face of fatigue. Both Phase II and III should be top of mind when you’re racing. Before moving into Phase IV you should have mastered the midfoot strike and nearly owned your knee drive. Your forward lean is in the works but should feel less awkward. With consistency and persistence, you will continue to rewire your neuromuscular system and form better movement habits.
Prior to Phase IV, you should be:
1. 100% MIDFOOT STRIKE. A midfoot strike should be the new way you run, absent of soreness or awkwardness.
2. DRIVING THE KNEE. It might require a small level of consciousness, but your knee drive should be clean and feel sustainable
3. LEANING WELL (ENOUGH). At this point, your lean might not feel great, but you should be comfortable letting go on the downhills.
4. COMPLETED BASESIX DAY 9 & 10. You’re experimenting with combo days in BaseSix. These will be perfect for maintenance.